Bebefit: The carrier that has our backs!

Last year I posted on my Instagram a few pictures showing my followers how we kept our toddler happy and still during a nine inning, professional baseball game.

That day was a Win Win, our son was confortable no matter we were for more than three hours in the same seat, and us didn’t have back aches for the next couple days for carrying a toddler in the same seat for more than 3 hrs. That was thanks to our Bebefit Convertible hip-seat carrier.

In an IG Story, I shared how confident I felt having my small child in the Bebefit Convertible while we were on amusement rides at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Even if he was the right size and age for the rides, extra safety for a mom is never underestimated.

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Recently, Bebefit gifted us their newest carrier, Bebefit Light. It is an easy-to-carry hip seat that is incredibly light and compact.

The Design

The Bebefit Light carrier is designed for easy use. I can quickly adjust the Bebefit Light’s hip seat to the UP position if my son wants to be held or Down, if he wants to walk or run. I can still wear the comfortable support belt for latter use.

Mom and Dad can wear it different

I love to put the seat in front at my belly, since PF is actually almost half of my size. I can control him better so he does not trying to grab things while he is front facing.

My husband prefers to wear it at his hips. He likes to carry PF normally that way to avoid accidentals kicks.

Top Tier Fabrics

Free from harmful materials, eco-friendly, and hypo-allergenic. Certified by OEKO-TEX and Bluesign.

Other Advantages of the Bebefit Light Foldable include:

  1. Easy to pack: It fits in PF’s backpack or my bag.
  2. Diagonal Pocket: It has a hip pocket for keys, snacks, etc.
  3. Capacity: The Bebefit Light has a carrying capacity of 110 lbs (50kg)
  4. Three Different Colors: Bebefit Light Colors Include Sand Pink, Modern Grey and Pure Navy

Bebefit is a company that was found by a group of dads that wanted to help make parents’ lives more confortable.

For buy the bebefit light carrier, just click below:

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