Cheap and Easy Christmas Centerpieces

I read that decorating for Christmas makes you feel happy and I can personally confirm it. That’s why every year on Thanksgiving Day, watching the Macy’s parade in New York on television, I can only think “Super, I can finally start decorating for Christmas!”

But, decorating a house with all the expensive things that are everywhere nowadays, well, it can get over many people’s budget, well at least mine. But I did not give up and despite not being an Etsy Mom (those who can make beautiful crafts by just sitting and wishing it), I was going to decorate my house, and leave it very beautiful on a small budget.

But first I set three clear goals:

Find the most usage of the stuff I already had at home,

Fill in with the cheapest materials, and

Think of the easiest ways to put them all together (without having to paste, sew, etc.)

And you know what? I did it! I have been making these arrangements for my house for three Christmases and I can assure you that they are easy to make, but the best parts are: Cheap and Pretty.

The total that I spent on materials was about $15.00 for 9 arrangements. When the average arrangement costs between $10.00 and $30.00, it does not hurt at all that each one comes out to less than $2.00.

What I used most was things that I already had in my house, things that everyone has and maybe even consider simple. But, believe me, everything can be transformed at Christmas.

The materials I bought were:

Plastic fruit set $5.00

Christmas Poinsettia flowers $1.00 each bouquet, total $5.00

Mistletoe $1.00 each, total $4.00

I am sharing my arrangements with you. Easy, simple, and cute:

Dining table center piece 

In my country we have the tradition of putting fruit on the table at Christmas and New Year to signify the hope for abundance in the coming year; so I bought plastic fruit, placed them in a flower basket that I had in my house, and filled it with pine cones that we collected near the mountains.

To give it the Christmas touch, I put a few sprigs of plastic mistletoe, a Christmas time flower. I put the basket on a tray and put small round ornaments around it.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

For all other arrangements, I performed the same procedure with similar materials. I did not buy any containers. I used only the containers I already had in the house, whether they were fruit bowls or flower vases.

With these simple rules , I did not spend more than $15.00 and I was able to decorate all the corners of my house: living room, dining room, main entrance, kitchen, and even the bathrooms.

I posted images of the before and after. I hope they encourage you to create something beautiful and striking to brighten your home this Christmas.

Arrangements for tables or

shelves in the room

Arrangements for the dining room cabinet shelf:

I used a flower vase, assorted small ornaments remaining from our Christmas tree, and a sprig of mistletoe.

For this other glass vase design, I also added a pine cone and sprigs of pine and placed it in the other corner of the shelf of my dining room.

Centerpiece for dining room or terrace

For the dining room table arrangement, I used a clay bowl that did not have anything planted in it.  I added the twigs of a little tree, pine cones, mistletoe, and assorted ornaments.

Arrangements for common areas

For the kitchen and bathroom glass vase arrangements, I added plastic Poinsettia flowers and mistletoe, as well as regular size ornaments.

This arrangement is a little more detailed since I had the cream colored lantern from last Christmas. I placed it in the basket with pine cones, ornaments, and mistletoe. Much more cheerful than a single lantern.

Table arrangement for main entrance.

And finally, the arrangement for the table by my front door. I used everything I had leftover from the other arrangements and bows that I did not use on my Christmas tree. I orginally had the bells for my tree, but I found them more beautiful in this arrangement.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Do you want me to share more of these easy, simple, and inexpensive crafts? Or maybe give me some advice on how I can improve in the art of crafting, leave your comments below.


If you liked it,  share it. If not, tell me. I’m here to learn and share.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

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