Super Fun and Simple Date Ideas for Parents with no nanny

If you are a parent that doesn’t have extra help or a nanny for Valentine’s Night, this blogpost is for you.

For the last 2 years we have been enjoying our Valentine’s night with our son. Yup, you heard me right. He spent his first Valentine’s Day at 9 months old with Mommy and Daddy, as their date.

Above all we do have date nights…but yes, with our son, In other word we have never pay a nanny service or baby sitter, since I don’t have a younger cousin living close to help me with that. And when my mom isn’t in town visiting us, we still manage to enjoy all the activities with our son, and that includes the dates.

I got some ideas for you that work for us. So if you are in the same situation, you can have a date night, even without having a nanny. So let’s jump to them:


Who said that a Date needs to be celebrated just at night? I have some ideas for you. In case you want celebrate it during the daytime:

Picnic at the Park

Who doesn’t like that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts takes Richard Gere out of the office and to the park for a picnic to eat hot dogs and take a walk without their shoes? Who said that wouldn’t be romantic? Even in the company of our kids. I love the idea. Spend an excellent morning or afternoon having a relaxing day at the park with your loved one.

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Look for local events

Valentine Day is approaching, that means that probably some galleries or museums that have special exhibits that everyone would enjoy, or at least the adults. But the kids will not feel bad for going on a little outing.

Amussement parks, fairs, new attractions cold be a nice date if you plan it on time.

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Dates for Nature Lovers

Beach, mountain or lake trips always take us out of the routine. Just adding some chocolates, flowers, and a lunch or dinner is always a great day trip for Date day.


If you are enable to have a Daytime Date, still is possible to have a Night Date with the kids, actually the pass 2 years our dates were on the night time. Check out below our recommendations.

Drive-In Movie Night

If you go in a date in a week day, like Valentine’s Day that mostly happens on a week day and most of us are super tired to go to a restaurant and wait to get a table just to eat, well a romantic Movie Night is a great idea. But, to make it not so traditional, the drive-ins a good option. The Drive-In is always showing Romantic Movies, and some even play a double feature.

Simple tips for a great Drive-In Movie Night Date with a Baby or Toddler:

  1. Have an early dinner (make reservations ahead) or order online to pick up on the way.
  2. Buy a bottle of your partner’s favorite wine and have it cold with some glasses.
  3. Don’t forget your child’s water bottle, water, juice, and snacks.
  4. If you have a baby, choose a movie that starts at 8:00 pm. When PF was a baby we used to go to the drive-in more frequently. It was the perfect date night and he fell asleep super fast in the car.
  5. Have a charged tablet/iPad if you have a toddler, so they can see their own movie while you are watching yours.
  6. Headphones are the best so you can watch the movie connected to the radio and the baby or toddler does not get woken or disturbed from the noise

Early Dinner Reservations at a Family Friendly Restaurant

Most of us would love to keep going to that bar or fancy restaurant that we used to go to when we were dating or had no kids. However, everyone will feel better if we choose a restaurant that we have been to with our child before.

Make the reservation at 6pm instead of 8pm. Not only will you get a quicker seat, but you will be done eating before most people get there. Plus we won’t have to change the kid’s schedules, which makes them fussy.

Order a Fancy Dinner

You can have a romantic dinner at home too. Just get dressed, order something amazing, get your drinks ready and try to eat before or after sleeping your child. Whichever is the best time.

For us it is always before, so our child can join us.

VALENTINE’S DINNER AT HOME 2019 latinamomblog.com

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If you planing this date for Valentine Day, do not go to dinner out without making a reservation: Our first Valentine’s Dinner we were foolish thinking we were early enough to get a table (7pm). We needed to wait over 2 hours. I think PF was a baby and he slept in his stroller. Bad thinking: it was too late for me to have a big dinner and that night I couldn’t sleep.

Order ahead of time. Some days you will probably will need to wait up to 1 hour for food to delivered, and a fuzzy hungry baby isn’t romantic at all.

Most importantly take some pictures and share them with your family and friends. Spread the love and show the world that we parents still we have romantic evenings, even without a nanny, Likewise the couples that have a nanny.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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