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SOMETIMES a mom doesn’t have the time to go to the beauty salon…In my particular case, I can hardly remember how a beauty salon looks, plop!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved to go get my hair done, my nails done, facials, etc. In fact, I used to go to the salon every Sunday to look great at the office on Mondays; but for a stay at home mom the priorities are different.

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Let’s be honest, getting a style in a salon for at least $40  isn’t something that a parent on a budget can consider doing every week, even though I still want to look stylish and pretty my hubby and for myself. So, that is why hair extensions are my forever best accessory.

And it isn’t just about how much money I am saving $$$, it is also that my hair is feeling as strong and shiny as it was before since I don’t have to put chemicals in it. Now if I want to have some highlights, I just need to put on extensions. So it is a win-win for me.

I found this deal on Amazon and it is just great! Cheap , pretty, can survive my hair-brushing, and still maintain a look natural.

So for adding length, volume, color and a glamorous look to hair I got my extensions on Amazon.

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My natural hair is about 18 inches. So, I bought the 20 inches long clip in hair extensions. This one is natural black to grey, but I have another pack in gold too. They come in different colors and are under $20.

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