Holly Jolly Tips for visiting Sea World San Diego with toddlers this holiday season

If you still looking to keep the holiday spirit a little longer I have an excellent recommendation for you: Sea World San Diego, and his Christmas Celebration.

Sea World San Diego has so many spectacular holiday shows and attractions that it’s totally worth it to drive an hour and a half from Los Angeles (as we did) to enjoy a fantastic family day. 

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I couldn’t imagine how happy my son would be at Sea World, the Holiday Vibes, mixed with all the “baby sharks, baby whale, baby penguins, etc.” LOL. He felt so happy around the sea life, music and Christmas decorations and colors that we had an excellent day.

Not only did we enjoy it so much, we were able to teach our two year old about real life animals and the environment. He learned the names of different animals, while we made the sounds with him. It wasn’t just a fun but a didactic day too.

But we didn’t just enjoy and learn about sea life. Since we visited during the Christmas Celebration, we could enjoy a super beautiful and perfect ice skating performance. Yes, a whole 30 minute performance. These kinds of shows can be a little pricey. However, at Sea World it’s included with your ticket. Super!!!

We weren’t able to take pictures with Santa (you need to make reservation online beforehand). But, we were able to take pics with Mrs. Claus and the Elves. We sang and danced with them. Plus met Elmo.  Wooo-hooo!

Our favorite place was the Wild Expedition. We spent more than an hour there. Our lil one was so happy in there that we let him interact with the animals as much as he wanted. 

Our last show of the day was Clyde and Seamore’s Christmas Special. Seeing the seal lions playing around the Christmas scenario was super fun and yes we all called out to SPLASH, SPLASH! 

If you want the fun of an amusement park, that has everything in one: Amusement games, roller coasters, singing shows, sea life interaction and learning, great live performances, then you should go to Sea World during the Christmas Celebration. You still have time to  enjoy this amazing season through January 5th.

Now, you can just jump in and go to the park. But if you want to have a great day, especially if you are visiting with a toddler or small kids, I have some short cuts for you.

These are some tips that will save you a lot of time.  In an amusement park, you definitely need it to experience everything you want, or most of it. As we did! 

So, are you ready, lets get to the tips: 

  1. Check the weather: If you are planning to go to the Sea World Merry Christmas event this holiday season, through January 5th, then you are good. The forecast doesn’t show rain. Actually it looks like it is going to be pretty clear and sunny. But, just in case, pack some extra jackets. 
  2. Buy tickets online: Yes, you can buy them in the park. But, sometimes you can get discounts if you buy them online. A little trick I like to use: When I want to go to a place, I start to search about the place on Facebook or Google a few days before my visit. Then, in a couple of days I start to see ads on my pages offering me discounts. If they have discounts, this always works. 
  3. Reserve your Santa Picture Online: Yes. They have a beautiful Christmas Village at Sesame Street in Sea World. You can take pictures and sing with Mrs. Claus and the Elves. And , of course, take a memorable picture with Santa  for free.  However, you need to make your reservation online, preferably days before. Then you can get your amazing portrait. 
  4. Make a schedule with all the shows and attractions you want to attend: There are so many shows this holiday season that the only way you can get to attended to all of them it by making a schedule. 
  5. Get there early: Sea World opens at 9:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm. But, it is a big park with lots of attractions and lines to make. Plus the time you will take to eat, have refreshments, etc. You will really regret getting there late and missing so many things you wanted to do (Don’t be me. Be there early). 
  6. Food: The website says no food allowed, just water. I took my two year old’s snacks, veggie pouches, and some water for us. We didn’t have a problem with that. 
  7. Don’t forget the camera and extra chargers: Your child’s reaction, especially the small ones at the Beluga whale Interaction, The Shark and Penguin Encounters, is something you really want to capture. 
  8. Bring a Stroller if you have a small child: The stroller is great when the kids get tired and for carrying bags, waters, jackets, etc. etc. etc. However, if you are on vacation and didn’t bring a stroller, no worries. They have strollers for rent starting at $22. (Check out more about the prices on the website

Tips in the Park: 

  1. Refillable Drinks: One of the best offers I have found at amusement parks is the refillable drinks at Sea World. Not only do you get a great quality souvenir mug, but you can refill your drink for just .99 cents all day. Summer with some cold drinks and winter with some hot cocoa. Not bad!
  2. Get your Map: Did you make your schedule? (#4) Then you are going to need the map to get in every show without going around a lot.

This are the most basic tips for visiting Sea World, 

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