How I cut my Toddler’s hair at home

At 26 months of age my son got his first trim at home by my husband and me.  

The first question was WHEN are you going to cut your baby’s hair…so many opinions and traditions were behind my child’s first haircut, that I had to do a blog for it (too long to express it in one paragraph. You can find that blog clicking here —->  My son’s first haircut. In the midst of Traditions, Myths, and Opinions.

How I cut y toddler's hair at home
How I cut y toddler’s hair at home

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The second question was WHY did we do it at home if we waited so long or not long enough? (depends on the opinion)

That I can answer in 2 paragraphs : 

  • For my son’s comfort: He is always going to feel more relaxed with new experiences if we do it at home and after one of his favorite and relaxing times of the day. 
  • It is a savings to our budget: Not that I am cheap, (… yes, I am 🙋🏻‍♀️) but saving around $20 plus tip every month isn’t too bad. Don’t you think? 

And the last question and the main point of this blog is HOW, and believe me, that it is the easy part!

No special equipment need it. One day we just realized that was the day, and we did it. We grabbed a comb and the small scissors from my box and sterilized it. 

Pf's play and learning time with his new haircut by mommy and daddy
Pf’s play and learning time with his new haircut by mommy and daddy

Since we knew we needed him home and pretty relaxed and distracted, we thought the best time would be after a shower. Kind of different because normally people take a shower AFTER a haircut, NOT BEFORE. However, after bath time he is in such a good mood so we just needed to give him a book and start the cut.

He didn’t even realize what was happening because normally after his bath I brush his hair and sing, brush brush brush you hair, brush it every day, properly properly every day… Maybe he suspected when the song continued for more that the regular half minute. However, he was entertained with his book and daddy so I could finish with no complications. 

Pf's play and learning time with his new haircut by mommy and daddy
Pf’s play and learning time with his new haircut by mommy and daddy

I was lucky the first time. The second time, a month and half later I had to be fast, but I could still do it. This time he knew what was happening so I am guessing next month and a half he will be even more willing to it.

After we finished, I cleaned him with a towel, put on his clothes and he was happy after his new haircut.

 Did I feel worried about how he was going to look? : Not really. It is hair and would grow back. 

I felt scared. Yes! But If I could cut his nails when he was a newborn (the worst feeling ever!!), this would be (and was) a piece a cake. 

We enjoyed this experience so much that we are planning to buy better equipment for subsequent trims. Who knows, maybe set up a little toy barber station at home. 

And about traditions and opinions, if you didn’t go into the other blogpost, I can tell you here that we went with my traditions and my husband’s opinion, for what we considered was best for our child. Because after all, the only opinion and tradition that counts is the one from the parents. 

Did you do the first cut and trims at home? How long did you do it before your child asked you to take them  to a barber or beauty salon? I am hoping he is at least 4. But, I am not sure if he will ask to go were daddy goes earlier, hahaha.

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How I cut y toddler's hair at home
How I cut y toddler’s hair at home

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