How to Create Albums for Instagram Stories

Nowadays, Instagram stories have gained equal or even more popularity than the posts.

Maybe because it’s much easier and more fun to share our experiences in short videos, weather events, trips, an image with emoticons, or a gif (which I love by the way).

But, after 24 hours the stories disappear… So, where are they going? And how can we keep them like the videos or photos that we put in our IG account?

In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to create albums so you can add them to your profile.

The Instagram highlighted stories are those that you will choose from among all the ones you have made and shared in your Instagram stories albums.

They are what you want to continue projecting in your profile, with your contacts.

But how are they saved in the albums? And, how can you make those albums? I’ll explain step by step. And, in less than 15 minutes you’ll have your highlighted stories in their respective album.

1. Open Instagram

2. Go to your profile.

3. Click where it says NEW with a + symbol: All your history will appear here

4. Select all you want to create in your first Highlighted Story.  For example: all the stories you have of your baby, all of your pet, your business, your trip, that trip to the beach, etc.

5. When you choose all the ones you want to highlight in an album, click Next.

6. Then an Edit Cover heading should appear and one of the photos or videos that you selected will appear as a cover.

By clicking on the image,  you can choose between the photos to be used as the cover of the album. Choose a photo for the cover and give it a try

7. Next,  name the album and press ADD.

And we are finished. You have your personalized album for a theme of your stories.

If you want to upload more of your stories  to the album you just made, change or delete the cover photo, just push and hold the album and the will options appear.

Perform the same process to create different albums.

I have a small video explaining this process, step by step. Check it out below

Done. It’s that easy to have your albums ready! But wait, you still do not know how to name them?

Some album ideas you can create are:

Love, Family, Pets, Home, Work, My Business, Travel, Hobbies, Makeup, Pregnancy,

If your account is a business one, you can make albums with the different products or services that you offer and that you have shared in your stories * (highly recommended).

You can also make albums with icons relating to what each one is about.

If you want to learn “How to Make Cover Icons for Instagram Stories Albums” just click HERE

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