How to Make Christmas Cards Fast, Pretty, and Cheap.

Can you believe Christmas is around the corner, and a lot of us (myself included), still don’t have our Holiday Christmas Cards ready? 

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Well that isn’t a problem. Today I am going to make beautiful, super easy, and free digital Christmas Holiday Cards in just minutes. By the following day, I will have them printed and shipped for just a couple of dollars. Do you want to know how I do it? Keep reading! 

This season, especially this year, has been kind of hectic. I got super sick the last week of November and first week of December. The second week of December I was still recovering, but was able to trim our Christmas tree and finish decking the halls.  But, this week between buying presents, wrapping, and trying to do all on our Christmas List, I just found a couple of hours to write this blog and make my Christmas card (While I chase my toddler around the house and the Christmas tree, the one he likes to redecorate.  If you have kids, you know what I mean when they take apart all the ornaments .

Ok, so no more chit-chatting. Let’s get to work.

How I Make Digital Holiday Christmas Cards Fast, Pretty, and Free

First of all, forget about the photographer. Yes, we all love professional pictures. But, if you are on a budget like me, or don’t have  between 2-3 hours for a photoshoot (without counting the 2-3 hours of getting ready, beauty salon, changing the kids, etc) well then professional pictures aren’t a option. Then what? 

Easy peasy. You have a bunch of family pictures? Don’t tell me you dont. For example the ones from the vacation you took this year? Any ones at home with pets (if you have pets)? It is December 23, you have to have one holiday picture with beautiful decorations around the city or a  huge Christmas tree.

You dont have one? It doesn’t matter. Again, any family picture from 2019 can work. Last year,  I got a family Holiday Card from my friend Jessy, with a photo of her and the family at the beach. She recently bought a house close to the beach in Tampa. So, when she did, she took her family pictures. I can bet it wasn’t December or even November. But, they looked sooo adorable. That is what your family and friends will cherish in a holiday card. 

Now that you have chosen your picture, lets get a template. But, where do you get a FREE and EASY to edit holiday template? Well,  I am happy to tell you that CANVA solves this problem. They have so many easy to use templates that you just need to add your pictures downloaded from your computer or phone, and that is it. (YES, All the cards in this blogpost were made in CANVA, I Just add our picture and our names, tadaaa!)

Now that you made your holiday card in CANVA, you can send it  immediately to your family and friends by text, WhatsApp, or post it on Facebook, Instagram.

You can save the card and print it so your family and friend they can have it on their tree, doors, freezer, albums, etc. but, how you will get them ready fast and cheap? this is my next tip:

How I Make Holiday Christmas Cards Fast, Pretty, and Cheap

Here are a couple of options: Walgreens and Walmart Photo departments. They have one hour photo prints. Yes, your holiday card isn’t a photo, but I have been using this service for years for my holidays cards, birthday invitations, thank you cards etc. 

Just be sure to choose matte instead of glossy. You can print it on the original sized 5X7 cards or 4X6, that is a regular sized photo. I like the last one, just because it is cheaper. Don’t forget to always look for coupons before order. They have them on their websites or in store. You can ask the attendant if they can help you apply it. It is always around 40% to 50% off.

If you want a background around the outside of the photo paper, you can get a couple of colored paper stock sheets, cut them, and glue. This is my favorite option so I can write something extra and personalize each one. 

So remember these steps:

1. Go to CANVA (phone app or website) and select the holiday template you like. Add your pictures and your text.

2. Download the card to your phone or computer 

3. Send it by text, WhatsApp, or Messenger to your family and /or post it in your Social Media Channels. And that is it. Your Free, Beautiful and ready in minutes Digital Christmas Card is ready, but if you want to mail it:

4. Go to or  and in the Photo Section, upload the design in the photo print section in the size you would like, or go to photo department of their stores. 

5. After Uploading the design, remember to choose Matte instead of Glossy finish. Choose any size and edit it, if needed.

5. Look for the Discount Coupons for printing, before you order (when it is in the cart) and apply.

6. Pick it up the same day and add some card stock the same size to the back of the photo. Add some personalized messages. Get some envelopes, stamps, and mail. 

 And that is it. For sure, you won’t spend more than $1.50 for each card, wohoo! Including envelope and stamps.

Let me know in the comments if you do it and how it came out. 

Merry Christmas!

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