Life Update: Good News!

We have News!

We sold our Hilltop House and look forward to unpacking into our dream neighborhood Home. 

Let me tell you, a few months ago when we decided to sell the house. We never thought that the process would be SO STRESSFUL and that we would be dealing with moving in this uncertain time.

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Normally selling and buying a house is super demanding and exhausting: Decluttering the house, showing the house, going to open houses, etc, etc, ect. but was even more taxing doing in it during this time.

Luckily for us, we finished that part of the process in February, but then in the middle of signing papers, etc EVERYTHING GOT SHUT DOWN!

Offices weren’t working the same way, with most of the employees working from home.

What was supposed to be the easy part of this process, took like Forever!!

When we finally got to the closing, we just realized that we would need to do our own moving on Moving day! Yup! Without involving Movers, or asking for help from family or friends.

Honestly this was the hardest thing we’ve ever done. I even thought of delaying the process until we passed this uncertain time. But this was a process that involved agents, escrow companies, banks, our buyers, our sellers, their buyers, their sellers, etc etc.,

We were not able to delay therefore, we moved on our own.

Today, two weeks later, I wanted to share our news with you guys.

This experience has been such a big challenge. That is why I am making a checklist and tips to help anyone make moving day a little less stressful, especially for anyone that is planing on doing it by themselves, without extra help.

Come back tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my “Ultimate Packing Guide to Moving on your Own” with you guys.

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