I am Multifaceted! I’m a Woman

I always thought that my mom was an old-fashioned and somewhat chauvinist. I had to do the chores of the house because they were considered a woman’s work, my brother did not have to do these tasks. I always disliked that treatment…But at the same time, my mother taught me to cook, scrub, wash, mop,  etc. She was saying to me

“You have to study hard so you do not need to do this, and you can be big in life, and travel, buy pretty stuff, etc, etc. etc….”

I always thought it was an unfair comment because, at that time, I DIDN’T HAVE A CHOICE! I had to clean and I wasn’t able to travel, even to the mall.

Today, I understand and thank my mom more than anyone else in the world. She was not teaching me to be a housewife. She was instilling in me the multifaceted gift. Also, with her reverse psychology, she motivated me more and more to educate myself and reach higher than I thought I could.

I obtained my college degree, was the head position in my work area, traveled alone, and finally got married in another country to a man that my parents met a couple of months before the wedding.

Now I realize that my mother is just a reflection of what women of the twenty century want for themselves and their daughters.

Thank you, mom and thanks to all the precursors that made it possible so that today, while I cook, my husband help me and cleans the house without asking. Because this movement reached us all.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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