Where to buy the best natural Christmas Tree + Affordable

For all the things that you go shopping for during Christmas Time, my favorite of all is buying the perfect Christmas Tree. 

Last weekend we were looking for a tree full of branches, greener than all, straight on top to place the angel, and most importantly, an Affordable Christmas Tree.

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But,  at the Christmas Tree Farm the prices ranged  from $89 to $300 + wayyyy too expensive for us.

That was over our budget, by a lot. But, I am so happy  that at Costco we found the perfect pick for just $39.99. An 8 foot tall and beautiful tree.

If you don’t have a Costco card, at Home Depot and Lowes you can find them starting at  $49.99 and still get a very good deal. Our Christmas tree from last year was from Home Depot and lasted until March. Yes, we keep it until then. We just moved it from our living room to our yard.

Why, in my personal opinion, is a natural Christmas tree better than an artificial one?:

The smell: Nothing like your house smelling like pine all Holiday season.

The look: I can tell the difference between the two.

The not having to put it together and tearing it apart: Definitely the best reason for us.

Do you love the natural trees or prefer the artificial ones?

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