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Once upon a time, there was a girl from a small town who was told not once, if not several times, the following sentences:

“HURRY UP, have a child before the train leaves you.”

“You’re not making yourself young. What are you waiting for?”

And of course, the most popular …

“If you do not have children before age 30, you will not be able to.”

Yes. That girl was me. Today, I am not a girl anymore but a 38 year-old woman. Remembering those phrases gives me a bit of laughter however, at the time, it was not funny at all. In fact, it hurt… a lot.

My dream was to marry my prince charming (Yesss, that’s how corny I am); following the wedding would come the children but my prince did not appear before I was thirty years old. He arrived exactly when I was 36 years old.

We got married the year we met and got pregnant weeks after the civil wedding.

Already pregnant I thought, ufff finally, people would stop getting into my head.  But the feeling did not last long. Instead there came another prejudice. This one quite strong:

Hope you to have a “NORMAL” pregnancy, you know, because of your age…

Thank God, I had a good pregnancy and a vaginal birth at 39 weeks of pregnancy.  However, this last prejudice encouraged me to write about my experience:

Colic during pregnancy due to my fibroids

I have had three very large fibroids since about 8 years ago. The same ones that whenever I had my period would cause me colic out of this world. I wanted to take them out. But, my longtime gynecologist had advised me to wait till I got pregnant. If I had trouble conceiving, then I would undergo surgery.

Thank God it was not necessary, but, the fibroids caused terrible colic during the first trimester and of pregnancy.

Wedding at 7 months pregnant

I was pregnant after my civil wedding.  But, we still needed the religious ceremony.  Although people suggested that I postpone it because: “I was going to get chubby in my wedding photos” or because “it could cause some problem in my pregnancy”, we knew that God had blessed us and we would follow his plan.

At six months pregnant, at a follow-up appointment, we asked our gynecologist for approval and she confirmed that everything was fine.

I enjoyed preparing my wedding, coordinating everything, and going to get my wedding dress made. The dress would not be ready until a few days before the wedding. You know, to be sure that it fit me well.

The entire wedding day lasted 14 hours, including the time of getting hair and make up done, pre-wedding photos, religious ceremony, post-wedding photos, reception, dinner and dance. The truth is I enjoyed my wedding being 7 months pregnant and my baby was super good in the belly.

Exams and more exams

Each time I went to a scheduled appointment, it was referral after referral for blood tests.

I think they drew blood about sixteen times, from the first appointment until the day of delivery.

The exams never bothered me, but some results took a couple of weeks and the wait stresses a bit.

My Hospitalization due to dehydration

At week 32 of my pregnancy, my gynecologist decided to hospitalize me and keep me under observation for one night because I had very strong stomach pains. It turns out that I was dehydrated. WHAT? How could I be dehydrated? I thought, I had never drunk so much water in my life. As it turns out, it was not enough. The fact of being in the hospital all night with a nurse monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and checking that I was not dilating, made me start carrying a gallon of water with me all the time.


The worst of my last weeks of pregnancy was not the weight (I had gained 40 pounds with the pregnancy and had a huge belly), or the difficulty to sleep at least 4 hours … NO. The worst was the hemorrhoids. Veins that come out (well. ..all we know where), caused in my case by constipation.

Final thought

I end this by telling you that we can do so well and even better than when we were young. We have strength that we did not have back then. We can definitely Rock pregnancy better than ever.


Do you want me to share more of my experience as a first-time mother? Do you want to share your personal experience or give me some advice about motherhood and upbringing? Leave your comments below.

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