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Getting married in the second or third trimester of pregnancy is not what many would have in mind as glamorous, considering not only the tummy but also the fatigue, dark circles, and other hormonal changes that occur to our physique.

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It is difficult to make the decision, and more knowing that the bride is the center of attention. Because we all want to look beautiful and enjoy the party. That’s the goal. But… Can it be achieved?

I personally believe 100% yes it is.  All pregnant women have such a special shine that it is easy to look beautiful. 

If you want to know how I was able to achieve enjoying my big day with a big belly as I entered my third trimester of pregnancy, here is a summary of what helped me the most 

Reserve the church, the reception venue, and the Beauty Team

If your plans are to get married though the church, the most important thing is that you reserve it before the reception hall. Once you have these two reserved, it’s time to get down to work looking for the best beauty team, hair stylist, makeup artist, and manicurist to leave you looking stunning for  the great day.

Women know how a good beauty team can help us achieve our best physical appearance and keep us entertained with their happy stories

It is very important that you book with enough time so you can do hair and makeup tests. On your big day not only will time pass so quickly, but also no one relaxes when you do not like your hair or makeup. And being pregnant or not, the best thing is a relaxed bride.

Say yes to the Wedding Dress

There was a program that I liked to watch years ago, Say Yes to the dress. The theme of the program was basically how the brides went with their moms, sisters, and their friends to choose between many wedding dresses THE IDEAL.

I fell in love with the idea and it was on my wedding list.  But, my mom and my friends were not around. I went to several bridal boutiques by myself. But when I said that I was three months pregnant and had a wedding planned in the next 4 months, fashion consultants did not know what dress size I should set aside.

In the end I opted for what was best for me at that time. I disconnected from the dress and waited until the month before.

I did it and it was crazy. In the end I almost did not get a dressmaker to make my dress. Uff but we found the best one. And he made it beautiful.

I loved my dress and most of all, the fact that it was made to measure.

Please, do not be afraid of the dress. I had the fear and used it to excuse myself from going to stores instead of looking for a solution.

Go to the boutiques, ask for maternity models (which I did not think of at the time) or models with cuts that make you feel comfortable. Purchase one or two sizes larger and have a dressmaker available to make the alterations a few weeks before the wedding.  

Cinderella and the glass slippers? Why not

Yes, yes, swollen, sore feet, be careful or you fall… All that you can say about wearing nice looking shoes during pregnancy. They told me, and none of that happened to me.

I bought my Cinderella shoes as I wanted them.  And, I enjoyed the whole wedding without needing to change my shoes.

Yes, I bought them a little bigger. But I bought inserts just in case my feet did not grow. And that’s how they would stay. My feet did not swell until 9 months of pregnancy. So all the myths are just that. What matters is to consider all options.  Then of course the best option is one or two sizes larger.

Plan and Delegate

There will be time for a bride that you are so stressed that you will not be able to think. With all the planning you have done there will come a time when you simply cannot do all  by yourself. With all the details that must be kept in mind for the wedding, family members to attend, and suppliers to tend to you are very likely to forget many things.

All this that will happen. But so that it is not so overwhelming, organize everything with time. Pick the flowers you want, make sure you have lots of them, or make sure you have ordered months in advance, if they are exclusive.

When planning your wedding from beginning to end with principle of delegation in from the moment you get out of bed until you arrive at the hotel with your husband, you will feel super accomplished.

You will see moments that things get out of control even with planning, so my last piece of advice is to DELEGATE.

Delegate EVERYTHING you can. It is much better if it is with staff you have hired. But also with family, in this case ask the same favor to several, remember they are also celebrating with you and you can pass it on to them.

Coordinate with your photographer, cameraman or your wedding coordinator on all the photos and shots you want.

I made a list and they made sure to keep me up to date. There were moments that I just wanted to say they do not need more. But now that I see the results, I’m glad I had a team that complied with my request.

I could write a lot more about the topic, but in this post I just wanted just to give simple tips and not get into major wedding details.

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