Universal Studios: 14 tips to plan your visit with a 3 months old baby

The season is approaching…!!! So it encouraged me to share a couple of tips that were useful the day we took our 3-month-old baby to have a day of fun at Universal Studios.

The best season, days, hours.

1. Seasons

We had the opportunity to purchase season passes and visited during different seasons and times. We took our son at the end of September, almost autumn. The weather report said that the morning would be nice and fresh. Definitely not too hot nor too cold. Autumn and Spring are definitely the best seasons to go. The days are in the 70s and with cool nights. You don’t get the strong summer sun or the sometimes cold winter nights. Although it is always good to check the weather report because today we can no longer be sure.

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2. Days

Go during the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. On Friday, Saturday, or Sunday there may be larger crowds and you may not have as great a time as waiting times for attractions are much higher.

3. Hours:

The park opens at 10:00 a.m. Therefore, the best time to visit is in the morning.

There is cooler weather if it’s summer.  Or, you can enjoy the day before a cold winter night arrives. The ride lines also seem to be less crowded in the morning.

Do not forget to pack:

4. Essentials for the baby:

Milk powder (formula), food, water, medicines, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, extra bottles.

5. Backpack:

I am in love with the new styles of baby bags. Now they are backpacks and so much easier to carry. They even have hangers to put them on the stroller.

6. Carrier:

Because the baby won’t be happy all the time in the stroller, so walking is a great help, especally on the escalators.

7. Sunscreen:

Consult with your doctor on what sunscreen is the best for your child’s skin. When children are outside they always need protection from the sun throughout the day.

8. Baby Hat

Although the day is fresh in the spring and autumn, it is best to cover their heads. We put the model that you see in the photo on my son. We love it because it is adjustable and it provides full sun coverage of the back of his neck.  I used it until he was 15 months old. If you are interested, i let you the link, just click here: iplay Sun protection Hats.

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9. Sanitizer:

We carry a couple of hand sanitizer gels. You are always going to need them

10. Food, Water, and Snacks for you

You can take your own food. We did take snacks, burgers, waters, and some juices.

You can carry liquids in sealed plastic bottles, but not cans.

At the park 

11. Metal detector

If you want, you can avoid going through the metal detector with the baby. Some people may not know, but you can elect to not have the baby pass through the metal detector.

What we do is before walking through the metal detector, we inform park security that we do not want the baby to pass through the detector. They will then make one of us pass with the baby at a separate gate and manually check us, the stroller, and items. But they will not scan the baby.

12. Visitor Center

Don’t forget to stop for you pin of the first visit. Maybe it isn’t your first visit, but for sure it’s the baby’s.

13. Center for changing diapers and breastfeeding the baby

The best thing that all moms and dads with young children can find in an amusement park (or any place) is a special place to care for babies. Where we can change their diapers, their clothes, and of course breastfeed.

At Universal’s nurse’s station you can find such a place. I asked for permission and was able to change the baby and breastfeed him. The station is air conditioned and a super clean place.

14. The Rides

The rides at  Universal can be very intense. We prefer to take turns going while the other one stays with the baby. But honestly, I think I only went on one. I enjoy parks because of the magic that is felt in them. The cartoons coming to life in person and the good vibes of the people. My husband, uhhh…I lose him among the rides. LOL! He loves them!

…enjoy and have a great day!

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